Our Mission

When you visit our main office in Riverdale, you will see two images on display: The first is a police officer standing watch over his city. The second is a man standing on a roadway, blocking a column of tanks with his own body.

The first was published by the NYPD in a magazine dedicated to its officers and their families. The second is a photograph from the city of Beijing, China, taken on June 5, 1989, the day after what is now known as the Tiananmen Square Massacre.

As a former police officer, government prosecutor, and currently as a criminal defense attorney and general practitioner of law, I am acutely aware of the importance of laws, and the delicate nature of their enforcement.

Without confidence in the fair and effective enforcement of laws, we could not live and prosper as a nation. The proper administration of law ultimately requires the active intervention of government into our lives. However, for anyone to coexist with government and remain free, there must be some among us willing to place ourselves in the path of that government and declare: “You shall go no farther!”

At the law firm of Michael F. Dailey, Esq., we perform two roles with equal vigor on behalf of our clients: We will serve as a sword, working the levers of government, via the courts or other means, to ensure our clients’ interests are properly honored and advanced. We will also serve as a shield, protecting our clients when government is overreaching, or is being utilized by others unfairly or for improper purposes.

At all times, whatever the matter or issue, it is our mission to provide legal services with a human face: Providing direct access to our lawyers and staff, explaining the process in terms that are easily understood, and employing all of our experience and skill to zealously advocate the cause of our client as if it is our own. This is our mission, and our guarantee to you.

  This is our mission, and our guarantee to you.

                                                                    Michael F. Dailey, Esq.


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