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At Dailey Law, we perform two roles with equal vigor for all of our clients: As a Sword, we work the levers of government, via the courts or other means, to ensure our client’s rights and interests are properly honored and advanced. As a Shield, we protect our clients when the government is overreaching, or the law is being utilized by others unfairly or for improper purposes.

At all times, whatever the matter or issue, it is our mission to be your champion as well as your advisor, and to provide our services with a human face: Providing direct access to our lawyers and staff, explaining the process in terms that are easily understood, and employing all of our experience and skill to zealously advocate your cause as if it is our own. This is our promise and our guarantee.

Our Mission, And Our Guarantee To You

Our Mission, And Our Guarantee To You

When you visit our office in the Riverdale section of the Bronx, you will see two images on display that serve as reminders of what we strive to accomplish here. The first is a uniformed police officer standing watch over his city. The second is a man standing in a roadway, blocking a column of tanks with his own body.

The first image was published by the NYPD in a magazine dedicated to its members and their families. The second is a photograph from an event that has come to be known as the Massacre at Tiananmen Square.

As a police officer, assistant district attorney, prosecutor of police misconduct and corruption, as a criminal defense attorney, family law practitioner, and general practitioner of law, and as the father of adult children who grew up in New York City, I have witnessed first hand many sides of the human condition. I am acutely aware of the role of the law in all of our lives, and the delicate nature of the enforcement of that law.

Without confidence in the fair and effective enforcement of the law, we cannot thrive and prosper as a community of citizens. Sometimes it requires a watchman, a champion who knows what to look for with the experience to see it. Sometimes it requires a bodyguard, a champion with the gravitas to stand in the path and declare, “Stop, you will go no further!”

This is what we do.

Client Reviews

Michael F. Dailey Publication

Compelled Statements of Government Employees

(NYSBA New York Criminal Law Newsletter | Summer 2005 | Vol. 3 | No. 3)

As a means of investigating and addressing workplace misconduct, government employees may be compelled to answer questions “specifically, directly and narrowly related to the performance of (their) official duties,”1 and may be terminated for failure to comply. In return, the employee is immunized from the “use of his answers or the fruits thereof in a criminal prosecution of himself.” 2 As employment misconduct often overlaps criminal misconduct, it is important to understand how the resulting immunity from compelled statements may impact a criminal…Read Full Article

Mentioned In The New York Law Journal

As prevailing attorney in case restoring driver’s license to motorist charged, but ultimately acquitted, of driving while intoxicated.

Michael Dailey of the Bronx represented Fermin-Perea. “You just can’t give the police a free pass,” said Dailey, a retired New York City police officer. “It was just assumed [by the Department of Motor Vehicles] that if the police didn’t have a reason to stop him, they wouldn’t have stopped him. This Is a good decision for motorists, and says that you can’t be arbitrarily told to blow into a machine.”…Read Full Article

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Cases Of Interest

  • Won a $350,000 verdict after trial on behalf of the victim of an automobile accident who suffered neck and
    back injuries;
  • Negotiated a $100,000 settlement on behalf of the victim of an automobile accident who suffered neck and
    back injuries;
  • Won acquittal after trial for defendant wrongfully accused of selling drugs to an undercover police officer;
  • Won acquittal after trial for defendant wrongfully accused of possessing drugs in her bedroom;
  • On appeal, won reversal of lower court decision denying father increased parenting time with child;
  • On appeal, won reversal of lower court decision finding defendant guilty of disorderly conduct.

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